Over the millennium that Amalna has existed, throughout the many ancient and ruined civilizations that have existed, various practices have been discovered. By continual, careful study and training, the techniques of these practices have been given form as classes, or professions.

It can take decades or even centuries for a new class to establish itself as a viable profession, especially the magic-using classes—because magic is a wild and (considered) non-tamable energy, countless have died while researching and practicing new powers and techniques, or refining what has already been discovered.

Learning even a single ability can take years of constant study and training. Because of this, most do not have much training outside their class, also called profession. Even the knight learning how to absorb more attacks doesn’t acquire that ability overnight—it comes from countless practice sessions of learning how to roll with blows, blocking correctly with sword or shield, and working up the endurance to withstand body-quaking strikes.

Classes can be separated by how common it is to find someone of said class. There exist schools that will teach, usually for a hefty fee, but most often a person will learn the powers of a class through a master-student relationship.

Common: These classes are either so old that everyone has heard of them, or their techniques have been so refined they’re much easier to learn than the abilities of other classes.
Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Elementalist, Knight, Magician, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warlord.

Uncommon: Members of these classes are rare in that they’re not well known, or there’s usually no-one teaching them to people en masse. Masters must be sought out, and that could take time of its own. They could require additional months or years of practice.
Avenger, Battlemage, Crusader, Lancer, Monk, Mystic, Necromancer, Samurai, Shaman, Swordmage, Warmage, Weaponsmaster.

Rare: Either looked down upon, such as for being considered evil, unholy or against political or religious law, or very new classes that have not gained nearly as much renown. Those willing to teach are rare and tend to hide themselves away from the public’s eye.
Blackguard, Daemonist, Freelancer, Psion, Revenant, Sorcerer, Spellbow, Spellscarred, Summoner, Warlock.


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