Uesugi Kenchu

The famous Nameless Samurai.


Species: Human
Age: 27
Profession: Weaponsmaster Ronin Adventurer
Rank: Expert


A student of Sir Fredrick, the Nameless Samurai walks the nations using the many, many weapons skills taught to him by his master, in order to find a way to break his family’s curse. His deeds, whilst not as many or as illustrious as his master’s, still number large. Known in the kingdoms as the Nameless Samurai, he has been offered courtships, lands and titles, but refuses them all. Even with the denial of any titles, he holds a fair few already, in reality. Currently travelling with an Ursine psion named Esotair, in search of the Khans, but plans can change.

Uesugi Kenchu

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